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To be honest, I think it helped me to understand that you can make friends in all different situations not just because you are thrown together in school for 5 days a week. Yes, the opposite sex can be a bit of a distraction but that is mainly when talking at break time and lunch time, not as much in class.

´╗┐Would you consider sending your kids to a single sex school

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

I went to an all girl school and I never had any problems getting along with the opposite sex. I can say it was much help with my education though! But that was more to do with me losing interest in my later years at school.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Just because you go to a same sex school does not mean that you automatically never come into contact with the opposite sex. I would look on it as, if you are going to be sociable with the opposite sex, it is regardless of whether you go to a same sex school or not. School should be for learning, and any distractions shoudl be eliminated if possible it makes for a better learning expierience. If your kids don have a life outside of school, then they will not be particularly sociable. I went to drama lessons, dance lessons, youth clubs and at my part time job socialised with girls there as well.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

My parent has custody of my kids and he is planning on sending them to another state because he don want them anymore. i as. I live in albuquerque nm and my kids live in los alamos nm. i am working on trying to get.

The reason I especially wouldn consider sending Jimmy Choo Black Pump

have any problems getting along with the opposite sex even if at a single sex school, as in Dazzlejazz situation. But for our family situation, I would never consider sending my kids to a single sex school. I think it is a matter of personal choice, and Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic every family is different. A school (whether public or private) is not necessarily guaranteed to be better academically just because it is same sex.

I found talking to girls difficult and I attended a mixed school all my life. If I had not had the chance to speak to girls and interact with them on a daily basis until I had left full time education at the age of sixteen I hate to think where I would be.

my kids to a single sex school is that I have 2 boys and no girls. How will my boys learn to interact normally with girls on a daily basis otherwise? They are not around girl cousins or anything. And my boys are not butterflies so they really do need the contact with girls.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Should schools be forced to feed kids, or should poor families Have kid removed for sending kids to school without food? in other words who is responsible.

I would never consider sending my children to a single sex school as I truly believe interacting with members of the opposite sex is important from a young age, no matter what distractions it causes later on when they hit puberty.

My school had very strong ties with other schools in the area, so there was always interaction with girls, in drama, in debating, in general sportsdays.

Reason: added extra infoI went to an all boys school, and did very well in school, went to university, got a degree, and I am doing really well in my career. I put this down to the opportunity I had with my education.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Why sacrifice a good educcation because Jimmy Choo Shoes Miami

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

I can see how someone who is socially adept might not Giuseppe Zanotti New Collection

I don think it is doing any problem in understanding the opposite sex. Most of the students are mature and they have enough knowledge in opposite sex. Many of my friends finds it boring but it actually helps them in their study which is the main goal. I have heard of horrible stories from the university where both male and female studies together. They likes to waste their time hanging out together then doing classes. Love , sex , pregnancy etc is another problem.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Expert (899)

This answer was edited by GMaine 942 days ago.

you are worried that your kids will not meet girls they have plenty of chances outside of school, and I think it is very naive to believe that school is THE ONLY place to socialise with girls.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

Jimmy Choo Shoes Outlet Authentic

single father of two Im a single father of two children. i have joint custed with my xwife. we bin divorced for. School is designed to provide an all round education and get children ready for the big world. School teaches children essential life skills and being able to interact and communicate with the opposite sex is one of those life skills. Finding a soul mate and settling down is something that we all need to experience in our life time.

I am also happily married with a daughter who is 19 weeks old.

If you have a court order for grandparent visitation, and you feel that it is no longer in the best intrest of the children, . We entered into a agreement with the maternal grandparents for visitation of 4 minor children.

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